Christensen Barrel (early 1900s)

Christensen Barrel
Christensen Barrel

This little barrel owned by Steve Burwash came from the Christensen store many years back. Steve says that when he played in a little band, his son Martin Burwash used it as a stool.

The barrel still faintly shows the Christensen name, as well as Eatonville, and Washington Street. When I asked Steve (who is now 93) what came in the barrel, he didn’t know but said, “Pickles used to come in a barrel like that.”

This barrel, I believe, will be donated to the Eatonville museum (aka the little cabin out by Mill Pond).

Christenson's General Store (later Red & White & parking lot)Steve Burwash is leaving his farm out in Ohop Valley this week. The farm is now owned by the Nisqually Land Trust. I hope they understand the historical significance of this little farm.

Photo courtesy of Diane Mettler.

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