Eatonville Baseball (early 1900s)

Eatonville Baseball Team (early 1900s)
Eatonville Baseball Team (early 1900s)

With a state full of of Seahawk fans, it’s hard to image that not long ago it was baseball that got folks excited. You didn’t just root your team on, you joined a team.

“Nothing unified a company town—or any other town in the early 1900s—like baseball. Virtually every company town and many family camps had at least one team. In some company towns prowess on the baseball diamond was a guarantee of employment.”

“As early as 1904, the McCleary, Washington, loggers and mill hands were vying against teams from neighboring towns.” (Company Town of the Pacific Northwest)

If you have names from some of our local baseball players, please share!

Image courtesy of Pat Van Eaton.

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