Elwin Haynes and Potlatch

Arne Haynes and Potlatch
Arne Haynes and Potlatch

This is a wonderful shot of Elwin Haynes and the family dog Potlatch.

Potlatch is still remember as he was practically famous around the area as a hunting dog. Stories are still told (see Dixie’s comments below).

Potlatch may have gotten too famous. Family members say that the dog was eventually stolen.

Photo courtesy of the Haynes family.

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  1. I don’t think this cutline is correct. I believe this is Elwin Haynes with Potlatch as the dog was stolen long before Arne Haynes was born. My mother, Ruby Haynes, was the second child of Anne and Otto Haynes and she didn’t know Potlatch. Elwin was the first and Arne the last.

    This dog was super famous as Otto won trophy after trophy in Pierce County for varmint hunting. He hunted from his homestead, sort of near the Busywild (sp?)only using a pistol and working with Potlatch.

    Family photos show packed halls of men for the trophy dincers and everyone knew Otto’s story.

    Otto and Potlatch lived alone in the woods in the homestead cabin but would come to town on occasion, usually walking.


    He never forgot Potlatch and how hurt he was that someone took his dog and only companion at the time.

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