Logging Trestle, Nisqually River (ca. 1915)

Kinsey photo of logging bridge
Kinsey photo of logging bridge

One of the big challenges to early logging was getting the logs out of the forest, especially when you were faced with rivers and steep hills. This photo taken by Kinsey of a trestle (I believe over the Nisqually River) demonstrates how they did it. The supports are larger timbers, but it’s the foundation that gives one pause. Big rains and rising waters could easily do damage.

Clark Kinsey documented a number of these bridges, and if you’d like to view others—some under construction—just click HERE to access the University of Washington’s collection.

Image courtesy of Laurie Anderson Osborn.

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  1. This is the West Fork Logging Co. trestle over Mineral Creek, one mile south of Mineral Lake. It was constructed in 1928.

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