Alder Elementary School Kids

Alder Grade School
Alder Grade School

This is a serious looking group of elementary school students. The teacher looks like she would be fun though. The name of the back reads: Mrs. Hatis, Alder Grade School.  

If you have any more information about the pictures, please share.

Photo courtesy of Carl Linden.

Click on image to enlarge.

2nd Alder school ca 1909
2nd Alder school ca 1909

3 responses to “Alder Elementary School Kids”

  1. top row of girls I believe the girl on the far left is Helen Hedborg Gilbert and the girl on the far right is Sadie Hedborg Cronkite.


    • Jerry,

       Do you know the date of this photo?  I wondered if perhaps my grandma may be one of the children?  The little girl with her hands folded looks like my self as a child.


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