Logs Coming out of the Forest near Mineral in 1949 (Camp #2)

Logs out of Camp #2
Logs out of Camp #2

On August 8, 1949, a St. Regis worker appears miniscule next to the huge logs loaded on railroad flatbeds for removal from the forrest. The worker is photographed at Camp #2, located in Mineral, Wash.

This information is posted on the Tacoma Public Library site:

The completion of the kraft paper mill in Tacoma, allowed St. Regis a considerable increase in the paper production industry. View of the St. Regis Paper Company’s crew at Camp #2, located in Mineral, Washington; logs have been loaded onto the train cars, and will be transported out of Mineral Forest.

Logs coming out of Mineral (1949(
Logs coming out of Mineral (1949)

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Courtesy of the Tacoma Public Library.

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