Eatonville Switchboard — The E’s

Mashell Telephone Co. Switchboard - the Es
Mashell Telephone Co. Switchboard – the Es

Each day I’ve been posting one of letters of the alphabet from Eatonville’s Mashell Telephone Company’s switchboard that went out of commission in the early 1950s. Today is E, which is especially interesting because of all the businesses listed.

One especially interesting business is the Eatonville Lumber Company and the different numbers associated with it.

If you remember any of these back when, please post a few memories.

• Eatonville Beauty Salon, 471
• Eatonville Hardare, 182
Eatonville Dispatch, 502
• Eatonville Drug Co., 123
Eatonville Fire Dept., 365
Eatonville Grade School, 2-3301
Eatonville High School, 2-3302
• Eatonville High School Supt. Office, 991
Eatonville Hotel, 472
• Eagle Lodge, 243
Eatonville Lumber Co., Office, 781
• Engine Room, 422
• Log Dump, 424
• Market, 8r3
Store, 8r2
Eatonville State Bank, 5R1
Eatonville Welding Works, 791
• A. G. Elliott, 2-4752
• George Elaton, 2-3334
• Glen Emery, 2-3540
O. Enwall (Swan Lake Dairy), 3911
• Jack Estes, 2-3651
Ray C. Etherington, 2-3841

Photo courtesy of Roni Johnson.

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