First Aid Class (ca. 1954)

Eatonville First Aid class - early 50s
Eatonville First Aid class – early 50s

First aid class being held in the early 1950s at the fire station. Lots of local folks here. If you can name more, please share:
First Photo:
• Middle row, fourth from right — Louie Mettler
• Clair Chase top second from left
Elmer Norberg back right
John Swanson, bottom right
• Next to John is Harold Parnel
• Next to Harold is Sid Dow
• Second row on the right: second in was Virgil Butler, Mr. Williams, next guy, then Mrs. Osterdahl, XX, M. Smallwood
• Mr. Wesley Grade School Principal performing on gentleman
• Margaret Hicker, 8th on row three.

First Aid class - ca. 1954
First Aid class – ca. 1954

Second Photo:
• Second on the left, Louie Mettler

Photo courtesy of Jeff Morrison.

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