FFA (ca. 1947)

FFA, ca. 1947
FFA, ca. 1947

I was eating at the Cruiser Cafe and saw my dad’s picture in one of the table photos. (If you haven’t eaten there, they have old Eatonville annual photos on the surfaces of all the tables.)

This one of the FFA (Future Farmers of America) was probably taken around 1947. The guy in the top row, far left, is Louie Mettler. The young man right below him is Frank Hoffman. The others I don’t know. Please feel free share if you know their names.

Photo courtesy of Diane Mettler.

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Louie Mettler Center, Frank Hoffman bottom
Louie Mettler Center, Frank Hoffman bottom

1 thought on “FFA (ca. 1947)”

  1. I can name a few.
    Row 1 3rd from left David Smith?
    Row 2 far right Tom O’Brien
    Row 2 2nd from right Charles Campbell
    Row 2 3rd from right Alvin Reiten
    Row 3 3rd from right Rudy Sanders
    Back row 4th from left Franz Rasmussen

    Hope this helps. Maybe someone else can fill in the rest.
    Dick Logston

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