Taking the Train in 1912

I’ve always loved postcards, especially those that have have a message and were sent off.

I love that you get to see what the person had to say back then. What note or message they wanted to jot down and send off to a friend. Like listening to the echo of a long ago conversation.


Also, the card (in this case over 100 years old) was important enough or that person was dear enough that the recipient kept it around.

This card was mailed in Eatonville, February 12, 1912 (a month before the Titanic went down). There was a train running through the town and as we read — the grass is green, it’s warm and rainy, and Oscar and Margaret are at the train.

2 thoughts on “Taking the Train in 1912”

  1. Marlayne L. Allison-Elliff

    Dear Reader,
    Enjoy seeing the beautiful trees of the Pacific Northwest brings memories to mind seeing one tree log load roll into Eatonville in the late 1950’s. Those trees are just memories of my childhood. My father Robert Allison would point out the changes in the land scape of Eatonville…gravel roads to now pavement. Railroad through Eatonville and the train whistle blowing, and the mill whistle blowing at noon and at quitting time for the mill workers. These memories are just a few and after seeing the train of logs stirs up more as time passes quickly and we all try to hold onto the history of your little town of Eatonville. Please share your memories for all of use to look back and reflect.

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