Axel Berg of Silver Lake

Alex Berg at Silver Lake
Alex Berg at Silver Lake

Betty Josephson wrote on Facebook, “After reading about the delay in fishing season at Silver Lake, I decided to post this picture of my Grandfather, Axel Berg. He homesteaded at Silver Lake, circa 1910, and rented out boats for many years in addition to farming.

Others chimed in . . .

Sally McKay: I remember him well. He would let you and me have a boat but not during the busy season. 

Karen Loden Leamer: He would be my great grandfather. He was a handsome guy.

Photo courtesy of Betty Josephson.

3 thoughts on “Axel Berg of Silver Lake”

  1. My 2x great Grandfather Thomas Aubrey Dean (orig w the Hudson Bay Company) and his Native American wife Rosa homesteaded around Silver Lake in the 1800’s (they owned half of Silver Lake). His son George Dean also had a farm nearby. There is a road surrounding the lake called Dean Kreger Rd which is my Dean family.

      1. I’ve seen those pix on Abbi Wonacott blog a firm foundation years ago. I don’t live in Washington but my sister does she is quite the gardener personally & professionally I should let her know she may be interested in a cutting. I’ll let her know about your blog. thanks for responding.

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