Timber Town and Later

Timber Town and Later
Timber Town and Later, by Edith E. Erickson

Timber Town and Later, the Story of Eatonville, written by Edith E. Erickson is a great read but should also be in inspiration to budding historians.

Edith, born 1914, moved to Eatonville in 1990. She couldn’t find much information on her new community and started researching. Her research become this book.

She says in the intro, “Being a relative newcomer to the Eatonville area, I had no knowledge of my own concerning its development or history. Jeannette M. Hlavin wrote a very complete book of the area from 1889 to 1953. After reading it, I thought that a history of the last fifty year should be d to what she had written.”

As far as I know, this 188-page book is only available through the Eatonville Library.

Postmarked Washington: Pierce County

Postmarked Washington: Pierce County
Postmarked Washington: Pierce County, by Guy Reed Ramsey

Postmarked Washington: Pierce County by Guy Reed Ramsey, is a collection of post office history.  Mr. Ramsey devoted 29 years to tracking down information on every post office in Washington. (When you see the amount of detail in this book, you’ll wonder if Ramsey’s devotion bordered on obsession.)

The details in this 123-page book, however, are fascinating. For example, Paradise Inn on Mount Rainier used to have a post office from 1928 to 1961. Clay City, a settlement that formed around a brickyard outside Eatonville, also had it’s own post office from November 18, 1908 until it was discontinued in 1922.

You can find used copies on It’s also available at the Eatonville Library.

Published in 1981 by the Washington State Historical Society.

A Tale of Two Cabins

A Tale of Two Cabins, by Helen Danforth
A Tale of Two Cabins, by Helen Danforth

The book focuses on three settler families of the 1800s whose preserved log cabins now stand at the Pioneer Farm Museum.

The 54-page book, with many excellent photos, also describes major events and developments that affected the settlers.

You can find the book at the Eatonville Library and it may also be for sale at the Pioneer Farm Museum.

If you like reading about the Ohop Valley, near Eatonville, WA, this a great little read.

Where the Mashel Meets the Nisqually: The Mashel Massacre of 1856

Where the Mashel Meets the Nisqually
Where the Mashel Meets the Nisqually

Author Abbi Wonacott writs about the spring of 1856, when Washington Territorial soldiers hiked down to the Mashel River where it meets the Nisqually River outside of Eatonville, Wash., and attacked a Nisqually Indian band trying to hide from the fighting during the territorial wars.

Why did they do it, and what really happened? This books helps answer those questions.

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The Bitter Waters of Medicine Creek: A Tragic Clash Between White and Native America

Book by Richard Kluger
The Bitter Waters of Medicine Creek, by Richard Kluger

This book looks at the  notorious Medicine Creek Treaty with the Nisqually, Puyallup, Muckleshoot and other tribes, which claimed 2.4 million acres for the United States — an area that includes much of today’s Pierce, Lewis, Thurston and Mason counties.

The 384-page book by Richard Kluger takes a new look at a local piece of history. For more information, click HERE.

History of Southeastern Pierce County

History of Southeastern Pierce County
History of Southeastern Pierce County

History of Southeastern Pierce County
Besides a history of Eatonville, Ohop Valley, Longmire, Ashford, National, Elbe, Alder and LaGrande, this 235-page book also includes 154 photographs, an every-name index to text and photographs and the 50th Anniversary Edition of the Eatonville Dispatch. 252 pp. Velobound. 1989.

Where to Order Your Copy
You can order yours through the Tacoma Pierce-County Genealogical Society for $30.00, plus postage and handling.

Firm Foundation: formation of Eatonville, Wa.

Firm Foundation
Firm Foundation: The Formation of Eatonville, WA

This 114-page book, written by Abbi Wonacott, covers the early Eatonville settlers, Indiana Henry, Ohop settlers, T.C. Van Eaton, and more. The book contains many facts, stories and pictures of the town and community’s early days.

Where You Can Find Your Copy
• The book can be purchased at Kirk’s Pharmacy, in Eatonville, WA

• You can also find the book at the Eatonville library.