Boys Basketball – 1914-1918

Eatonville Basketball team - 1914
Eatonville Basketball team – 1914

Eatonville had a championship basketball team from 1914-1918.

The first image shows a team that has just won its first season, with no idea they are headed for a streak. The team was pretty small — not a lot of room for someone out with an injury.

As the pictures progress you see some of the guys mature.

1916 BB Champs
1916 BB Champs

If you want to see how the Eatonville Cruisers today, just click on the link.

The names have changed, as well as the uniforms, but they are still playing great ball.

Photos Courtesy of Pat Van Eaton


1917 Eatonville BB team
1917 Eatonville BB team