Eatonville Switchboard – the G’s (early 1950s)

Eatonville Switchboard - Gs
Eatonville Switchboard – Gs

For the next handful of days I’ll be posting each letter of the alphabet from the Eatonville Mashell Telephone Co. switchboard, which went out of commission in the early 1950s.

Today you’ll find the names under G. See if you recognize some family, friends or businesses from back then.

• Lloyd M. Garner (Kap.), 2-4709
• Gilbert’s Grocery, 2-3132
• Lloyd Gillilan, 2-3973
• Gillian Shell, 2-380
• Mrs. Lonnie Gollehon, 2-4871
• George Gollehon, 24235,
• Emil Graeber, 7R4
• L. O. Grant, 2-4606
• Mrs. G. A. Gregory, 2-3477
• Ida Gritman, 112j4
• Robert G. Gritman, 2-4293
• Rev. Harold Grove, 2-4152
• Jim (Silvia) Guidi, 2-4231
• Fred Guske Jr., 2-4432

Photo courtesy of Roni Johnson.

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