Copy of Setting up the stage Rock Festival (July 1970)

By dimettler

This grainy photo appeared almost 50 years ago in the Chronicle, and is part of Bernice Sjoblom’s scrapbook about the Buffalo Party Convention and Pig Roast (aka Eatonville rock festival). At the time these young people were setting up the scaffolding (around July 2), the festival had been banned by the prosecutors, people were already …

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Axel Berg of Silver Lake

By dimettler

Betty Josephson wrote on Facebook, “After reading about the delay in fishing season at Silver Lake, I decided to post this picture of my Grandfather, Axel Berg. He homesteaded at Silver Lake, circa 1910, and rented out boats for many years in addition to farming. Others chimed in . . . Sally McKay: I remember …

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Taking the Train in 1912

By dimettler

I’ve always loved postcards, especially those that have have a message and were sent off. I love that you get to see what the person had to say back then. What note or message they wanted to jot down and send off to a friend. Like listening to the echo of a long ago conversation. …

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Arnie Haynes’ Boy Scout First Aid Kit

By dimettler

Boy scout motto is “be prepared” and that obviously included Boy Scout Arndon (Arnie) Haynes of Troop #63. This was Arnie’s first aid kit that included gauze bandages, mercurochrome swabs and iodine. If you aren’t familiar with mercurochrome (merbromin) swabs, as it’s name suggests it contained a bit of mercury. You would dab a little …

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Leo Pechhia, Sept. 1961

By dimettler

If you have watched a movie at the Eatonville Roxy theater, you have Leo (Angelo) Pechhia to thank. He and his wife built the theater in the 1940s. Here we see Leo standing in front of the theater in September 1961. (This was a big year for movies — West Side Story, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, …

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Welcome to Eatonville, 1955 and Today

By dimettler

Back in 1955, long before it was Nevitt Park, there was just a simple sign that welcomed people to Eatonville and a street sign that directed people to the city center and to Mt. Rainier via Scenic Route 29. I personally love this street sign because “29” was obviously hand painted in as an afterthought. …

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Eatonville Hotel – 1963

By dimettler

If you were walking down Mashell Ave., past Key Bank, toward the Roxy, on the right you would see the Eatonville Hotel. It was part of the Eatonville landscape for many decades. It was built in 1912 and was known as the Snow Hotel. In 1913, the rates were $2.00 a night, which would have …

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Logging Camp, ca. 1940s

By dimettler

I’m not sure exactly where this logging camp was located, or what logging company it belonged to, except that is was at the base of Mt. Rainier. What I think is amazing about this shot though is the scope of the logging. Take a look at that logging camp in the center of it all, …

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Kneip’s Trucking Service (cir. 1956)

By dimettler

These photos taken of Kneip’s Trucking don’t show Eatonville at its best, but you do get a glimpse of 1956 Mashell Ave. If you would like a little background on the business, just click HERE. Notice to the right of the first shot is Babe’s Cafe where you can get some Pepsi and home made …

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