Postmarked Washington: Pierce County

Postmarked Washington: Pierce County
Postmarked Washington: Pierce County, by Guy Reed Ramsey

Postmarked Washington: Pierce County by Guy Reed Ramsey, is a collection of post office history.  Mr. Ramsey devoted 29 years to tracking down information on every post office in Washington. (When you see the amount of detail in this book, you’ll wonder if Ramsey’s devotion bordered on obsession.)

The details in this 123-page book, however, are fascinating. For example, Paradise Inn on Mount Rainier used to have a post office from 1928 to 1961. Clay City, a settlement that formed around a brickyard outside Eatonville, also had it’s own post office from November 18, 1908 until it was discontinued in 1922.

You can find used copies on It’s also available at the Eatonville Library.

Published in 1981 by the Washington State Historical Society.

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