Galbraith home 1925-today

Kids  being picked up at the Galbraith home
Kids being picked up at the Galbraith home

Recognize this home? It’s known by some as the Galbraith home and is still there today — near the Millpond Park. The home was built for John H. Galbraith in 1925 and was added to the National Register in 1982.

Mill President & Mayor
The Galbraith name was well known in Eatonville, especially in the early part of the 1900s.  T. S. Galbraith was one of the owners of the Eatonville mill. And in 1922 you would have referred to J. H. Galbraith as Mayor.

T. S. Galbraith operated a saw mill and shingle mill in Tacoma, before it burned down. Around 1913, after operating the Eatonville mill for two years, he and E. J. McNeeley bought a controlling interest in the company and reorganized with E.  J. McNeeley as president, T. S. Galbraith as VP and mangaer, S. L. Barnes as secretary and J. H. Glabraith, treasure.

Galbraith House
Galbraith House

In 1925 E. J. McNeeley sold his stock to T. S. Glabraith and in 1930 T.S. sold his stock to John H. Glabraith who then became president. It wasn’t until 1941 when J. H. Galbraith sold his interest in the mill. He moved to Gig Harbor. (History of Southeastern Pierce County.)

Photo courtesy of the Tacoma Public Library archives.

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11 responses to “Galbraith home 1925-today”

  1. I always go by this house in old milltown, whenever I come to Eatonville. I think this house has such distinction, and glamour. A real landmark of the glory days of Eatonville Milltown. I wonder if it had a ForSale sign in front of it, if I would be tempted to buy it !! It is like the Ohop Bob, of Milltown !!


    • Pat, this is the same model of school bus that was in a previous posting, with the buses all in front of the school. They were determined to be ’38 or’39 International buses.


  2. John Galbraith was my grandfather’s best friend. My grandfather, William Hill, managed the Standard Oil depot in Eatonville. The last time I was in town, it was still there, as was my grandparents’ house, a couple blocks away from the Galbraiths’. When the Galbraiths left Eatonville, they moved into the vacation house they had built in the 1930s in Rosedale, near Gig Harbor. In 1946, my grandparents bought a house across Lay Inlet from the Galbraiths’. Both houses were build by the same man, a retired boat builder named Combs. When the Galbraiths sent out a photo Christmas card in the 1940s, my Grandfather countered with a parody Christmas card of the barn in his own yard. Linked below, if the link works…

    Rosedale Christmas Cards


    • Thank you SO much for the information and the Christmast cards. I’m going to take your “reply” and cards and put them up as a post so no one will miss them. Thank you again. Keep the images and stories coming! 🙂 Diane


  3. What is going on with the house? It’s in shambles and it made me so sad to see it in this shape. Is it being restored?


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