Month: March 2012

King's Place (ca. late 50s)
Inside King's Place (ca. late 50s)

Hi everyone,

I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who has been coming to this site to check out our community’s history. This month the website hit a milestone — 5,000+ views for the month of March.

Many of you have provided pictures and information to help share the community’s rich history with others. Thank you!  Rest assured your effort and generosity is appreciated, not just by me, but the many folks who are coming to the site, enjoying the pictures and learning.

Visitors coming to the site have also been great about sharing their thoughts and memories, and that’s invaluable. There have even been a couple cases where people have learned they have long lost relatives on this site.

Thank you everyone. This is working because of you!

Keep sending those pictures and thoughts and I’ll keep posting.


Photo of King’s place courtesy of Margit Thorvaldson.

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