Month: October 2013

Boys-being-interviewedEatonvile Triva

How well do you know your Eatonville history? Here are a few questions to test your knowledge.

1. What was the company that helped build the town in the early 1900s?

2. What was the town’s population in 1930: (a) 1,101 (b) 912 (c) 1,440

3. What was the town’s population in 1974: (a) 2,104 (b) 1,048 (c) 902

4. What Native American was known as a friend to T.C. Van Eaton and other Eatonville pioneers?

5. In 1970 Eatonville was in the news because of what event?

6. In 1952 a group of loggers built the Swanson airport. What else did they build at the same time?

7. In 1972 a television camera crew came out to interview Eatonville youth about what event?

8. In 1929 Rainier Connect went by what name?

9. What doctor began his practice in Eatonville and is still making a big difference in children’s lives today.

10. Who was the Court Commissioner in 1968?

11. What was Ohop Bob?

12. Who was Adam Sachs?

13. Who were the first two graduates of Eatonville in 1914?

1912 Basket Ball Team
1912 Basket Ball Team

14. What was the Eatonville town budget in 1938? (a) $10,305  (b) $5,410 (c) $2,607

15. Who built the Roxy Theater?

16. Who were T. S. Galbraith and John Galbraith?
17. What did they produce at Clay City?

18. Why is 1912 an important year for Eatonville basketball?

19. What was operation Bootstrap?

20. Why does Eatonville have that weird intersection at Mashell and Center?



1. The Eatonville Lumber Company
2. 912
3. 902

City Hall, Police Dept., Utilities
City Hall, Police Dept., Utilities

4. Indiana Henry
5. The Rock festival
6. The Kid’s Pond
7. A Bigfoot sighting
8. Mashell Telephone and Telegraph Company
9. Dr. A. W. Bridge. He left his money to a children’s hospital in his mother’s name — Mary Bridge. Today Mary Bridge Children’s’ Hospital is still providing care to thousands of kids.
10. Rosemarie Van Cleve.
11. Ohop Bob was a restaurant that overlooked Ohop Valley. Besides a great view, it was known for its fabulous chicken dinners.
12. Adam built and operated the first mill and logging camp in Elbe.
13. Ed Christensen and Susan Van Eaton.
14. The town’s expenses were $2,607. However, the light and water departments ($7,920 and $2,800 respectively) were considered separate and generated their own revenue.
15. A. G. Pecchia
16. T.S. Galbraith was the owner of the Eatonville Lumber Co. In 1930, John Galbraith, T.S. Galbraith’s son, purchased the mill from his dad.
17. Bricks, which are found in many of the town’s buildings.
18. 1912 was the first year Eatonville had a basketball team.
19. After the Eatonville mill shut in 1953, residents banded together to keep the town alive. The huge effort was called Operation Bootstrap.
20. The town’s well as located on the corner and roads were built around it.

Far West Clay operation
Far West Clay operation

All 20 correct: Fabulous. Ever considered writing a history book.

15-19:  Wow! You’re got Eatonville in your blood

10-14:  Nicely done!

5-13: OK. Half right is still pretty good.

0-4:  Oh my. Well, there’s always next time.