Month: July 2014

Bootstrap articleEatonville Dispatch announcing a Operation Bootstrap BBQ to support Robin Hood Day (ca. 1954).

Operation Bootstrap to Sponsor Barbecue on Robin Hood Day

The Operation Bootstrap advisory council met Monday evening at the high school in emergency session and voted to put on the barbecue on Robin Hood Day. Another organization had tentatively agreed to do this job but backed out at the last moment.

Robin Hood Days Program cover (1954)
Robin Hood Days Program cover (1954)

In charge of the menu will be Beverly Nevitt. Her tentative menu includes barbecued beef, bread, baked beans, potato sale, dessert and coffee. Mrs. Nevitt asks that people who will bake a pot of bean or make bowl of salad, contact her.

Ed Haarstad will be in charge of the barbecue pit.

The council voted not to have a Bootstrap meeting in August. The next scheduled meeting is July 29 and then there will be no meeting until late September.

Article provided by Dick Logston, and image courtesy of Smith family. 

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