Month: June 2015

IMG_3720Rainier Connect was previously the Mashell Telephone Company. Back in the day (up until the early 195s) the company used switchboard. Here is the last part of the Ms and also the Ns.

Notice anyone familiar?

George Moen, 2-3233
Fred Morrison, 2-4872
• Jeff Morrow, 134J1
• Morey’s Place, 142J31
Don Murphy, 2-4481
• Wm. Neal, 2-3874
• Daniel D. Neilson, 7s41
• George Neistadt, 2-3159
• Bill Nellis, 6R3
• Dr. D. M. Nevitt (office), 112
• Dr. D. M. Nevitt (Res.) 114
• Margaret Nichols, 24708
Henry Nightengale, 24708
H. Norberg, 2-3252
Norberg Jewelry, 2-4241
• George N. Norwood, 2-3972

Photo courtesy of Roni Johnson.

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