Pacific National Lumber Co.

This wonderful shot of a crew at the Pacific National Lumber Co. was taken by Kinsey in the early 1900s. A few things to note:

  1. Not much safety equipment back then. No hard hats to be seen.
  2. Wonder example of an operation on a sled or skid. Look at the size of the timber.
  3. This is, I think, a steam donkey on skids, although I don’t see a stack. A steam donkey would pull the log toward it through the woods. The steam donkey would also move itself around the woods by tying off to a tree and pulling itself to forward.

It was hard work and these men put on long hours.

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2 thoughts on “Pacific National Lumber Co.”

  1. Hi,
    My dad ran something like this and it was a deisel donkey and that’s why you don’t see a stack. I have some pictures of him running it and , who knows, might be the very same donkey as he worked for this company for a while.

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