Di Metter & husband Chris Bivins (the webmaster behind the site)
Di Metter & husband Chris Bivins (the webmaster behind the site)

The goal of this site is to bring together the many historic pieces of the Eatonville, Elbe, Alder, and Ashford area.

We (myself and those you have generously donated material and time) hope that you’ll enjoy the many stories, articles, books, photos and artifacts.

Our wish is that this will also become a living record and that you will leave your thoughts and memories.Photos
Under each photo I have noted “courtesy of” to an individual or an entity. This doesn’t necessarily mean the person owns the photo, but that they’ve let me share it and would be the source to help you track down the original image or information on that image.

You’ll see Pat Van Eaton’s name often, as he scanned many of the town’s photos over the years. I think of him as the town’s digital curator.  If you are the original owner of one of the images, please let me know so that I can give you credit!Story Ideas
Lastly, if you have a story or image you’d like to add, just let me know. I’d love to include it. (diane@spilledinkstudio.com)

Enjoy! Diane Mettler