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Elbe Church
Elbe Church

This tiny church in Elbe, Wash, built in 1906, is only 18 feet x 24 feet. That’s not the amazing part — 105 years later it’s still holding services.

The church’s website says the Elbe worshipers began meeting in their homes and town hall in 1893, but then built the church themselves in 1906.

“A founder of the town, Heinrich Lutkens, donated the land and material for the church. Pastor Karl Kilian, who designed this simple yet pleasing building served his Elbe flock from 1906 to 1933.”

Cool Features
The town’s first blacksmith forged the 4-foot iron cross on the steeple. And, if you come visit when church is in session, you can hear the bell that’s been ringing in services for over a century.

The church still has:
• its original altar and elevated pulpit
• a  hand-carved pew, and
• the original Farrand & Votey bellows organ — still used for worship and weddings.

The church was placement on the National Register of Historic Places in 1976.