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Kneip's Trucking ca. 1952
Kneip’s Trucking ca. 1952

What folks call today “the Postnet building” was perviously Kneip’s Trucking Service.

This building has has a host of different tenants throughout the years. The following was provided by Rich and Ruthie Williams:

Charley Chamberland built this building in 1913. It was Eatonville’s first bakery. In the 1930’s, D.G. and Cloie Morgan purchased the bakery. In 1939, due to the expansion of the business, the bakery was moved to the “NAPA” auto parts building at 103 Center Street East. After the bakery move, the building had many uses. It was an undertaker’s parlor, a confectionary store and a warehouse.

In the late 1940’s, Nick and Grace (Krones) Kneip purchased the building and operated the Kneip Trucking Company. The trucking company operated four gas powered Ford dump trucks and sold and delivered sand and gravel throughout the area. The County also provided a regular job for Kneip’s trucks filling and refilling the slide areas on the Alder Cutoff road. Nick and Grace lived in the upstairs apartment and had their company office on the main floor. While Nick ran the trucking company, Grace did the bookkeeping and also operated the vehicle licensing department from her company office. Mrs. Kneip lived upstairs in her apartment until 2001.

After her death, a firm from Morton, Washington purchased and renovated the building. One of their tenants is Postnet operated by Diane Wisley.

Photo courtesy of the Baublits family.

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