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Eatonville 5th Grade Class , 1941-42
Eatonville 5th Grade Class , 1941-42

World War II and the Japanese internment touched Eatonville in the 1940s.  Abbi Wonacott shares these photos over her mother’s (Lois Daly Brown’s) elementary classes. In the 5th grade class (1941-42) taught by Miss Stinnette there are three Japanese boys, Bobby Ohashi, Teddy Yoshino, Jack Nagaoko. In Lois’s 6th grade class, taught by Velma Kjelstad following year, all three boys are missing because their families were relocated.

If you would like to find out more about this time in history, just log onto Abbi’s site below or just click HERE. She’s done a lot of research on the subject and has more photos of the camps and information on the individuals.

Web link: http://eatonvillejapanese.blogspot.com/p/eatonville-evacuation-internment-of.html

Eatonville 6th grade class - 1942-43
Eatonville 6th grade class – 1942-43

Thank’s Abbi for sharing your photos!

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Class Roster - 1941-42
Class Roster – 1941-42