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Grout Family at Mt. Rainier
Grout Family at Mt. Rainier

Families have enjoyed taking the car up to Mount Rainier since there have been cars. Here are some 1919 shots from the Grout family.

“For many years the Grout family from both sides of the mountain had a family reunion on Mt. Rainer. I think these photos are from 1919 as my father was born in May 1915, and I believe from other photos he is four years old on
these pages.  

My father, Donell Grout, is the little boy by the car, then my grandmother, Arcie Wright Grout [was the principal during the 1921-22 school year at the first Weyerhaeuser school] is standing next to the car by the snow pile. On the other page my grandmother is again seen in the white hat and coat. In the middle photo my grandfather is the man in the overalls and I believe the other man is one of his brothers with his son by the other car. 

In the bottom photo my father is the boy in a hat standing in front with his mother, Arcie, the woman on the left.”

1919 Grouts - Mt. Rainier
1919 Grouts – Mt. Rainier

Gloria Manning