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Williams & Van Eaton Picnic
Williams & Van Eaton Picnic

Looks like the Williams and Van Eatons were having a picnic back in the early 1900s.

Pictured are:
• Man to the left against the fence is Charlie Williams and his son Ray.
• Girl holding the watermelon is Susie Van Eaton.
• Girl to the right of Susie with a big bow in her hair is Bessie Van Eaton.
• Annie Miller Crow sits to the far right.
• Man to the right next to Annie is Sid Appleby.
• Girl next to Sid is Ms. Canty.
• Frank Van Eaton is holding the watermelon
• Mac Van Eaton is in the back eating watermelon.
• Between Frank and Mac, the two girls in white are Hazel Williams (left) and Carrie Williams (right). They are are the daughters of Nate Williams and Sarah (Van Eaton) Williams.

Photo courtesy of Pat Van Eaton.

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