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Snow Hotel ca 1912
Snow Hotel ca 1912, Photo Courtesy Pat Van Eaton

C. C. Snow owned the Snow Hotel, and incorporated  T. C. Van Eaton’s log house into one of the sections.

Built around 1912, it was partly made of hard-hewn logs, originally chinked with clay, and partly coverd with shingles. Over the years it changed hands numerous times and was called the Sunshine Inn, Snow Hotel and Eatonville Hotel.

It was still being used as a hotel at least up until 1954, But you know it today as the Eatonville Manor. (See photo #3)

Snow Hotel #2 (ca. 1912)
Snow Hotel #2 (ca. 1912) Photo courtesy of Pat Van Eaton
Eatonville Manor, April 2011
Eatonville Manor, April 2011