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Nisqually Glacier ca. 1912
Nisqually Glacier ca. 1912

That’s not a mountain of rock behind those individuals. It’s a mountain of ice —  the Nisqually Glacier in 1912.

“Paradise Glacier (little Nisqually Glacier) is one of the lower glaciers, starting at an elevation of only 9,000 feet. It is an interglacier, located between the Nisqually to the west and the Cowlitz to the northwest.

An 1896 map shows the Paradise Glacier about one-half mile from the Sluiskin Falls and an essy walk from Paradise. As the century progressed, the glacier retreated up the mountain, and separted into upper and lower sections. The once vast ice caves shrunk into unstable crawl spaces, and finally in 1991, the ceiling of the last cave collapsed.” (The Big Fact Book About Mount Rainier)

Photo courtesy of Bill Smith.

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