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Henry and Matilda (Anderson) Hedberg
Mathilda (Anderson) Hedborg and Henry Hedborg

Axel Henry and Mathilda (Anderson) Hedborg were early homesteaders in Alder — you could say they blazed the trail. (They were members of the Pioneer Association of 1928. To be on this roster you had come to the area before 1903.)

In 1889, Henry bought 160 acres about 3 miles outside Alder. He had to clear the land to make space to build a log cabin.  His farm prospered and in 1923 he purchased another 160 acres and Hedborg’s farm was considered one best around.

They had 4 children — Curtis, Helen, Sadie and Ida. You may see Ida’s name come up again. She taught school in Eatonville for  a number of years.

Photo courtesy of Linda Lewis.

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