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Young Eatonville (ca. 1910)
Young Eatonville (ca. 1910)

I like this picture because you could just Photoshop different clothes on them, and wouldn’t be able to tell then from Eatonville residents today or yesterday.

This is definitely yesterday though. Pictured are . . .
Back row, left to right:  Ethel (Kipper) Martin, Carrie (Kipper) Martin, Milton Smith and Hessie Smith.
Front row, left to right: Walter Guske, Rock King, Leslie Kipper

Red Men & Pocahontas
Carrie Kipper Martin was a a charter member of one of the oldest fraternal organization in Eatonville — the Topeka Council, Degree of Pocahontas. It held it’s first meeting in Red Men’s Hall August 16, 1910.

Carrie writes about the Pocahontas . . . “The history of the Degree of Pocahontas is so closely interwoven with the history of the Improved Order of the Red Men and the history of the Unites States of America, that one is not complete without the others. They are the oldest fraternal orders of purely American origin in the Unites States. The spirit of patriotism and liberty is the hearts of our great Revolutionary heroes in 1765 inspired them to conceal their identity and keep their places and meetings secret.

Back side of Image
Back side of Image

They disguised themselves as Red Men (Indians) of the Great Confederation of the Iroquois. It was from this source that the two orders have derived their costumes, ritual ceremonies, and mannerisms of tribal and council government. It was one of these groups that disguised as Red Men, dumped the King’s tea in Boston Harbor.” (History of Southeastern Pierce County).

Photo courtesy of the D. Smith and family.

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