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Ohop Weekly, April 1928
Ohop Weekly, April 1928

The Ohop Weekly, printed in 1928 by the Edgerton School, shows that not a lot has changed — just the names.

Ohop Weekly

Editor: Alice Peterson
Assist. Editor: Fred Johnson
Sports Editor: L. Anderson
Society Editor: J. Anderson
Reporters: Jewel Anderson, Rahma and Harley Henricksen

The purpose of the Ohop Weekly is to acquaint the people of the community with the life of the school.

Many athletic events are taking place during the next few weeks.While there are just a few students attending the Edgerton School, they are taking an active part in the coming treat meet.

We have appreciated the interest of the community in the athletic events of the past.

Coming Track Meet
The Edgerton School and the Silverlake School are going to meet at Kapowsin April 20, 1928 for a district track meet.

Edgerton School, 1920s
Edgerton School, 1920s

The girls line-up is a follows:
50 yard dash: Alice Peterson, Rahma Henricksen, Jewel Anderson
75 yard dash: June Anderson, Alice Peterson, Rahma Henricksen
Baseball throw: Alice Peterson, June Anderson
Relay: Anderson, Jewel and June, Peterson and Henricksen

The boys’ line-up is a follows:
50 yard dash: Fred Johnson
High jump: L. Anderson, F. Johnson
Broad jump: Anderson
Baseball throw: Johnson, Anderson

Edgerton v.s. Silverlake
 Wednesday afternoon, April 18, at two o’clock, Sliverlake Grade School will play the Edgerton Grade School at baseball. Visitors are welcome.


Silver Lake School
Silver Lake School

Asplund: catcher
DeWitt: pitcher
Greibrek: first base
Krones F.: fielder
Krones E.: fielder
O’neil: fielder
DeWitt P.: fielder
Ohneck: fielder

Johnson: catcher
Anderson L.: pitcher
Le Master: first base
Peterson: fielder
Anderson: fielder
Henricksen: fielder
Anderson: fielder
Henricksen: fielder

Miss Ruby Johnson was a visitor of the Edgerton School Wednesday April 11, 1928.

The Ohop Ladies Aid met at the Grange Hall last Wednesday April 4. A miscellaneous lunch was served. The Aid will meet at Mrs. I. Hedborg’s next month.