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1936 Dispatch Subscription Contest
1936 Dispatch Subscription Contest

In 1936 kids were selling subscriptions to the Eatonville Dispatch in hopes of winning a bike.  The little guy pictured is my uncle, George Van Cleve, who would later run Van Cleve Motors. Unfortunately, he didn’t win the bike that year, but my brother won one 40 years later.

The kids that tried for the bike were: Dolores Gilbertson, Alycye Mae Guske, Dale Hecht, Lorraine Hibbard, Moen Howard, George Van Cleve, Betty Lou Van Eaton, Ethel Whitman, Joe Foegel Johnson, Bertha Krones, James Morris, Russel Sachs, Thelma Thureson, and George Wehmhoff.

Photos courtesy of the Dispatch.

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