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4th of July Rock Eatonville Rock  Festival, 1970
4th of July Rock Eatonville Rock Festival, 1970

Tents weren’t as glamorous back in 1970. The man on the left appears to be creating a stake for his tent at the Eatonville Rock Festival. 

The event brought in between 10 to 30,000 thousand to the Flying M Ranch for a rock concert. It was hotly contested at the time.

“The Buffalo Party Convention and Pig Roast at Eatonville during the Fourth of July weekend was ruled illegal. With the arrival of thousands of rock fans and musical aggregations, the festival was held under the guise of a picnic. How can that happen? How is it possible for persons to willfully violate laws and get away with it?” (John Martin of The Daily Chronicle, July 16, 1970)

Photo courtesy of Jeff Morrison.

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