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Lumberman's Hospital, April 1912
Lumberman’s Hospital, April 1912

We have an new photo provided to us by Elaine Burch. The image is of Dr. Bridge’s Lumberman’s Hospital, which was located on Mashell. (The building still stands across from the high school.)

What’s amazing about this picture is not only that it exists and the names were written on the back . . . but that Elaine found this photo at a garage sale in Illinois in an old album. Which goes to show, you never know.

The back of this photo reads:

Eatonville, Washington April 30, 1912

Lumberman's Hospital (back), 1912
Lumberman’s Hospital (back), 1912

Sitting on the stairs are
Dickson, Joef & Mr. Luck
Standing are: Dr. Bridge, Montonegry (?), Erickson (Swedish) Tony (Italian), Mrs. Canty, Lars A., Mr. Okrey, Mrs. Martines (cook), Mrs. Luck.
(I may have these names misspelled. In anyone knows the correct spellings, please let me know.)

For those that would like to read a little more on this hospital and Dr. Bridge, please click here.

Photo courtesy of Elaine Burch.

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