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Eatonville Switchboard - the Bs
Eatonville Switchboard – the Bs

Long before it was Rainier Connect, Eatonville’s phones were owned and operated by Mashell Telephone Co.

For years, there were switchboard operators who placed calls between folks. In fact, they used this very switchboard pictured here (which went out of  use approximately 1953).

This panel shows the names of individuals and companies starting with B.  You may recognize a few.

Raymond Block — 2-4852
Benbow Resort — 2-3666
Gerald Bashears —  2-3 262
Mike Book — 2-3932
Barney’s Cafe — 3914
George Buerman — 24330

Anne Christensen Haynes at the switchboard
Anne Christensen Haynes at the switchboard

Elliott Beaumont — 39L2
Builders Brick Co. — 2-4741
John Besch — 2-3631
Bill Black — 2-4171
Hiran Black — 2-3385
John Blan — 2-4435
E.R. Bleadsoe — 23232

Each day I plan to post more pages of the Eatonville switchboard. Stay tuned.

Photo courtesy of Roni (Haynes) Johnson.

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