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Buffalo Rock
Buffalo Rock

Hi everyone,

Because of all your comments and interest in the Eatonville Rock festival over the last couple years, I’m excited to announce we have officially started work on the documentary Buffalo Rock.

The film will look back at the rock festival, how it shook up the little town of Eatonville, and the impact the event had on peoples’ lives.

There’s a website www.eatonvillerockfestival.com, and a Facebook page, Buffalo Rock, as well as a Buffalo Rock blog. You’re invited to check them out and share any additional memories, pictures or thoughts you might have.

You are all a part of this event and the reason behind this documentary. I hope to get a chance to speak personally to all of you—that’s if you want to talk to me. 🙂

Thank you for all your help, and great mojo so far. Please join me on this journey.

Diane Mettler