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Ed Christensen, 1st Eatonville Grad, 1914
Ed Christensen, 1st Eatonville Grad, 1914

This is a big year for Eatonville High School. It marks the 100th high school graduation.

The 1914 class was a particularly small one — two students — Ed Christensen and Susan Van Eaton. There is no picture of the two together because Ed and Susan refused to have photos taken together because they thought it would look like they were married. The two students graduated and went on two very different paths.

Ed Christensen
Soon after the graduation, in July 1914, World War I broke out. Not long after Ed graduated, he left to fight with the troops. He was one of the lucky ones and made it back home.

On September 12, 1919, Eatonville threw a “Welcome Home” for all the men who had returned from service. That day, Ed was one of the 33 men who “fell into line at the upper end of Mashell Avenue and T. C. Van Eaton was there to give the “Welcome Home” address. Unfortunately, Ed’s life was cut short, much too soon. Just two years later, in June of 1921, Ed died tragically from electrocution while “repairing a motor at Camp Lewis.”

Susan Van Eaton
Susan, the daughter of T. C. Van Eaton led a much different life.

Hazel William with her sister Carolyn on the left and Susan Van Eaton on the right
Hazel William with her sister Carolyn on the left and Susan Van Eaton on the right

Her nephew, Pat Van Eaton says, “Susan met a young electrical engineer assigned to the building of Eatonville High School fell in love with him a married him soon after graduating.”

Susan raised and family and her daughter, Rose Steiner, is still alive and living on Whidbey Island.

Today we’re used to calculators and computers in the classroom, not to mention the amazing teaching tools available on the web. In 1914 is was literally “old school” — chalkboards, books, pencils, paper and inkwells.

If you’re curious what you would have been studying at EHS back in 1914, here is a list of the classes from the school’s catalog:
Freshmen: English, Algebra, Physical Geography, Agriculture
Sophomore: English, Plane Geometry, Botany or Zoology, Latin

1914, Poultry Farm at Eatonville High School
1914, Poultry Farm at Eatonville High School

Junior: English, Algebra 1-2 year, Higher Arithmetic 1-2 yr., English History, Physics Senior: English, American History and Civics, Chemistry, Review of Com. Branches In addition, each year a student could choose an elective.

They could pick from:
• Ancient History
• Medieval or Modern History
• English History
• Agriculture or Horticulture
• Physiology • German • Sociology

Eatonville Basketball team - 1914
Eatonville Basketball team – 1914

Extra Activities
EHS had a vibrant athletic department, including not only baseball, but also both girls’ and boys’ basketball teams. And don’t forget the top notch EHS debate team, which in 1913-14 trounced Roy. Congratulations EHS!

For a century teachers and staff have worked and devoted their careers to preparing students for the life ahead. And congratulations to the class of 2014. Go out there and make history!