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Timber Town and Later
Timber Town and Later, by Edith E. Erickson

Timber Town and Later, the Story of Eatonville, written by Edith E. Erickson is a great read but should also be in inspiration to budding historians.

Edith, born 1914, moved to Eatonville in 1990. She couldn’t find much information on her new community and started researching. Her research become this book.

She says in the intro, “Being a relative newcomer to the Eatonville area, I had no knowledge of my own concerning its development or history. Jeannette M. Hlavin wrote a very complete book of the area from 1889 to 1953. After reading it, I thought that a history of the last fifty year should be d to what she had written.”

As far as I know, this 188-page book is only available through the Eatonville Library.