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Back rigth corner of garage, cow barn, milk house. Trail in the middle (crooked) is from the house. Trail (straight) is from back of house and hired hands house-cabinThe Jensen family were pioneers in the community. Once settled they farmed here for many years.

This first shot is of the barn and milk house. The crooked trail runs up to the house.

The second shot is of the hired hands’ quarters. One of the hired hands was Red Bray, well known around the area and who had a way with cows. In fact, my family still uses the clamp he used to castrate calves. Another was hired man was David Neilson who worked after he came back from World Word II, having served in Germany.

Photos are courtesy of Jensen family.

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Hired hand's quarters-cabin, back left of the farm house. Hired hands, one used to be Red Bray. Also David Neislon after WWII. He was in Germany