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Mashell Telephone Switchboard - the DsAs you’re probably aware by now, I’m putting up the Marshell Telephone Co. Eatonville Switchboard (that went out of commission in the early 1950s) one letter of the alphabet at a time. Today we the the Ds.

Take a look and see if you recognize anyone.

Jess Dawkins, 2-3384
• Carl Day, 24724
• John E. Defigh, 2-3541
• Llewellyn Daniels, 881
• W. B. (Wesley) Dillon, 2-4700
• Gene Dinwiddie, 23-924
• Ada Dow, 2-3652
• Sidney L. Dow, 2-3752
• Duell Drane, 2-4183
• W. G. Duff, 24700

Photo courtesy of Roni Johnson.

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