Robin Hood Days - Eatonville's Men in Tights (1954)
Robin Hood Days – Eatonville’s Men in Tights (1954)

Seafair was just a few days ago, so this post seems appropriate. I believe in ran in the Dispatch in 1954, when Seafair was only four years old. Check out this incredible Eatonville spirit.

Robin Hood and Men Plan to Steal Chest of Seafair Pirates

At 5th and Pike in Seattle on Monday, August 2, at about 2 o’clock, Robin Hood and his men from Eatonville will try to steal the treasure chest of the Seafair pirates. The Seafair pirates will be guarding their chest with an Army amphibious duck from the attack of Robin Hood’s outlaws.

After the encounter, survivors will go together to KING-TV and go on the airways. Dick Taylor as Allan-a-Dale will be ready with a ballad for the program.

Robin Hood Dispatch article
Robin Hood Dispatch article

Bill Tone is in charge of the Eatonville part of this stunt, which was arranged by Jack Wright of the University Bureau of Community Development through Mr. Reed of Greater Seattle, Inc., who has become interested in Operation Bootstrap and Robin Hood Day.

Then on the day of the Gold Cup Races a group from Eatonville in Robin Hood tunics and hats will posters advertising Robin Hood Day will be stationed near the pits that service the Gold Cup boats, in easy TV range. This stunt, too, was arranged by Wright of the University Bureau and by Mr. Reed of Greater Seattle, Inc.

Mrs. Don Nevitt, publicity chairman for Robin Hood Day, is getting the Eatonville group together to make the trip.

Photo courtesy of Rich and Ruthie Williams and article courtesy of Dick Logston.

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