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Redman Hall Head
Redman Hall Head, photo by Bob Walter.

The Redman Hall was once an important piece of the Eatonville community life. (It stood where the Landmark is now.) Over the years people met there forIORM meetings, auctions, dances, wrestling matches and more.

Now the indian head that adorned the building (yes, it was a different pre-PC era) is on display at the Van Eaton cabin. Bob Walter, president of the historical society, and who helped move it from Madora Dawkins home to the cabin, says, “It’s humongous, unique and it’s very heavy, so do not try to lift it up to get a better look at the back, because it will topple!”

It’s definitely worth checking out.

Photo courtesy of Bob Walter.

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Redman Hall (where Jebinos currently sits)
Redman Hall (where Landmark currently sits)