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The 1918 Eatonville Basketball team
The 1918 Eatonville Basketball team

My understanding is that the 1918 Eatonville High School Basketball team were champions.

Thank you Terry Larson for providing the following information:

From the Eatonville Dispatch, page 1, column 1, Feb. 22, 1918:
The Eatonville High School basket ball team ends a successful season. Eatonville ended the Pierce County league schedule with a perfect percentage, when they defeated the fast Roy team 17-18. The game proved to be vary (sic) snappy and fast with only a few fouls called. The home team was handicapped greatly on account of the slippery waxed floor; also Eatonville’s star forward, Mr. Frank Petersen, was out of the game on account of a broken leg which he received at the Eatonville-St. Leo’s game. The team will have to be remodeled now, on account of Petersen’s injury; and there will be no game next Friday as the team is going on an excursion to Tacoma. The home team will journey to Enumclaw, March 1st. Eatonville ranks first as yet in the City league and they ought to have a chance at the State High School title. Herman Hekel, Mgr. of the Eatonville High School Basket Ball Team. (This is an abstract of an article from the Eatonville Dispatch posted on the Pierce County Genweb site.)

For more information, including a better photo and names of the team, click HERE.

It looks like there may have been some injuries. Frank Petersen is in a cast.

The coach’s son is holding the basketball.

Photo courtesy of the Parnell family.

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