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Swan Lake School 1901
Swan Lake School 1901

Dispatch article that ran July 22, 1954.

It reads: The third Swan Lake schoolhouse on the day of school let out in 1901 is seen with parents and children gathered there for hte occasion.

Fourth row: Mrs. Richard King, Ronney Setzer, Miss Ella Knudson, teacher.

Third row: Sophia Clark,Mrs. Robert (Catherine) Fianderc, Emma Fiander, Mrs. George Kreger, Peter Asmussen.

Second row: Susie Fiander, Orena King, Lillie Kreger, Alice Clark, Clara Fiander.

Front row: Minnie Kreger, Lauvina Gillians, Flora Fiander, Annie Asmussen, Mrs. William Guske, Sr., Mrs. Peter Asmussen (holding baby), Oscar Asmussen and Henry Wesserling.

On the steps: Bessie Fiander, Peter Asmussen, Jessie Clark, Harry Guske, Charlie Asmussen.

Corner of building to right: Jim Wright, Charlie Clark, Walter Guske, Robert Kreger, William Guske, Erck Asmussen, Otto Guske and lying on the grass George Nelson.