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IMG_0003This is a muddy photo of a muddy Mashell Ave. in the early 1900s. The Methodist Churh, which is still standing today is on the left. The Red Men Hall is on the right.

“The Nisqually Tribe of Red Men was the town’s oldest fraternal order. “It’s charter dated November 1, 1903, The national order dates back to about 1760, tracing its inception to patriotic societies. Until the American Legion built its hall in 1922, the Red Men were the only organization in Eatonville, which owned its own building.” (History of Southeastern Pierce County)

Redman Hall, ca. July 4,1910
Redman Hall, ca. July 4,1910

The hall was  built in 1905 and had about 150 members. In 1912 they added a wood floor  for $450 (about $11,000 today) and was still in great condition until way into the 50s. Many folks around town will tell you about some of the dances held there.

Photos courtesy of Pat Van Eaton.

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