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Eatonville Lumber Co. General Merchandise wagon
Eatonville Lumber Co. General Merchandise wagon

The Eatonville Lumber Company started up before there were automobiles. Here is a unique shot of the Eatonville Lumber Company Co. General Merchandise wagon.

Olympic Flour was produced by The Puget Sound Flouring Mills Company.

Flour Mills
Here’s a little information on the history of Washington’s flour mills. For much more information on it, just click HERE to link to the History Link.

“The trade with the Orient and the growing Western Washington population encouraged larger and more modern flour mills to be established in the Puget Sound cities. First in Seattle was the Novelty Mills, out towards West Seattle. Centennial built its mill on the waterfront just south of the current sports domes, opening in 1898. By 1906 that stretch of waterfront was home to three mills: the Hammond Milling Company, Albers Cereal Mills, and Centennial. The Fisher Flouring Mills opened on Harbor Island in 1911. Seattle now had seven mills, as the Chas. Lilly Company produced flour as well as seeds, feeds, and fertilizer, and City Mills was just north of downtown. Tacoma had the Puget Sound Flouring Mills, the Tacoma Grain Company, Watson & Olds, Albers Milling Company, and the Cascade Cereal Mills.”

Photo courtesy of Rick Parnell and the Parnell family.

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