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Looking down at Eatonville (1950s)
Looking down at Eatonville (1950s)

This shot of Eatonville was taken around the 1955, I believe in conjunction with Operation Bootstrap. If anyone has a better date, please let me know.

The picture may be grainy, but there’s no question that it’s Eatonville. The high school  and the football field — which looks like it used more for baseball — stand out at the bottom.

I had thought that the dark-roofed building at the top left of the football field was the FFA poultry barn I was mistaken. Pat Van Eaton says, “It was the 1952 addition to the grade school. It had rooms for kindergarten, 1st, 2nd and 3rd grades.  The school lunchroom was in the basement. It was a California design with a “flat” roof that drained toward the center and had massive single pane windows for the class rooms. We’re lucky it go demo’d”

Photo courtesy of Pat Van Eaton and the Eatonville Historical Society.

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