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Land Use Survey (1956)
Land Use Survey (1956)

Bootstrap an initiative to keep Eatonville alive after the mill shut down. Everyone got to work to see who Eatonville could be more productive. This Land Use Survey was part of what was produced during that time. You’ll see that the issue then are the same as now.

It reads . . .

Land Use Survey — Mapping

The Pierce County Planning Commission, in co-operation with the Eatonville Planning Commission, made a very complete survey of the use of each piece of property in the Eatonville and “Greater Eatonville” area. All land was classed as to its present use such as dwelling, apartments, business, industrial, farming, timber or vacant. Even topography was considered and land was classed as level, sloping, steep, swampy, good soil, poor soil, etc.

A land-use survey was needed to give Planners and future builders an idea as to the type of land in this vicinity, and if it will be satisfactory for their particular needs. By looking at a land-use map a very quick estimate of each type of land is possible.

In Pierce County only 5% of the land that is available and usable is considered prime agricultural soil. Unfortunately, these areas of our best soil are fast vanishing into residential developments while thousands of acres of buildings sites on poor soil lie vacant.

This is but on example of the need of planning and better land-use.

Members of the Eatonville Planning commission working on this survey were: HC. Olson, Robert Allison, S.E. Packer, and two members of the Pierce County Planning Commission.

(Aerial view of Eatonville looking east.)

Photo courtesy of Pat Van Eaton.

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